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    Pingxiang Reet Catalyst Co., Ltd

    Pingxiang Reet Catalyst Co., Ltd.


    Deodorizer Catalyst (UV Catalyze)

     Deodorizer Catalyst



    Deodorizer catalyst (UV Catalysis) is prepared with cordierite honeycomb ceramic as the carrier, unique rare earth assistant and composite metal oxide material formula. It plays a key role in the process of accelerated oxidation, UV photolysis, ozone oxidation, etc., and carries out catalytic purification of odor source gases such as mercaptan, formaldehyde, triphenyl, ammonia, etc. Deodorization catalyst can effectively remove peculiar smell, which is widely used in refrigerator, bathroom, toilet and other occasions.Deodorizer catalyst block is to effectively remove the smells produced by the fish, meat, vegetable, egg and other food stored in refrigerator. 


    The product can reduce the deodorization gas and change the molecular chain structure of the odor gas under the catalysis of UV light beam and photocatalyst, so that the molecular chain of organic or inorganic macromolecular odor compounds can be degraded into low molecular compounds, such as CO2, H2O, etc. through the irradiation of UV light beam and the oxidation reaction of catalyst. 


    1. It has strong deodorization ability, wide operating temperature range, long service life and excellent mechanical strength.

    2. With the latest photocatalyst technology, under the light excitation in a certain wavelength range, the harmful gases such as formaldehyde and benzene can be decomposed into harmless small molecules such as carbon dioxide and water, which has a wide spectrum of oxidative decomposition ability, and can also inhibit and kill bacteria.

    3. It can be washed by water. After washing off  the dust on it by water bleaching, the oxidation decomposition performance is basically unchanged.

    4. The special processing technology ensures that the oxidation decomposition performance of photocatalyst remains unchanged, and the combination with the substrate is very firm, so the catalyst is not easy to fall off.

    5.The substrate is honeycomb ceramic, which increases the contact time and contact area between gas and catalyst, thus effectively improving the decomposition efficiency.


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