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    Pingxiang Reet Catalyst Co., Ltd

    Pingxiang Reet Catalyst Co., Ltd.


    Catalyzed Diesel Particulate Filter

    Application:Diesel genset, Truck, Bus, Construction machinery

    VOC Treatment Catalyst

    Application: Paint spraying, Enameled wire, Color steel manufacturing etc.

    Motorcycle catalytic converter

    Application: Motorcycle, Lawn mower, Sports car and other gasoline engine

    Deodorizer Catalyst

    Application: Food waste treatment, Refrigerator, Toilet, etc.

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    Pingxiang Reet Catalyst Co., Ltd, located in Pingxiang economic & technological development zone, Jiangxi province, was founded by several experienced engineers with the aim of build a professional VOC treatment catalyst company and contributes to the atmospheric protection.


    Reet Catalyst’s mission is to provide applicable products to tackle the atmosphere pollution. Supported by authority professors from South China University of Technology and Nanchang University, we insist on developing and producing high efficiency and performance catalyst with the latest technology and production techniques. Our catalyst products includes VOC treatment catalyst, three-way catalyst, DPF, SCR catalyst for combustion engine, metal substrate catalyst for motorcycle and other special catalyst for gas combustion and deodorizing etc.


    Our products are widely used on application such as industries of chemistry, motor vehicle, vessel, steel, printing, food, tire, paint spraying and baking, daily waste treatment, atomic reactor etc.

    We warmly welcome friends from home and abroad to visit us and establish business relations.

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